Sell Your Rockwall Home Fast and For Top Dollar

I want my house to sit on the market for months, then I want to practically give it away…said no one ever. When your goal is to sell a home in Rockwall, you want to make as much as you can and to sell quickly. Cyndi Garrett is a Rockwall realtor you can count on to help you make it happen. This guide outlines the process so you know what to expect and how best to meet your goals.

Find a Committed, Experienced Rockwall Realtor

When your friends and family members hear you’re thinking about listing, often the first question they’ll ask is, “Who is your realtor?” Everybody knows someone. You might also have a church friend or neighbor who works in Rockwall real estate. Maybe you even have a co-worker who sells houses part-time. Be extremely careful who you hire, because your realtor can be the key to success at every phase of selling your home.

Some realtors have too many things on their plates. They just don’t have the time to give your listing the attention you deserve. If you list with someone who overbooks themselves, you’ll be frustrated when they’re not available to answer your questions. They might miss important details and lead you to miss out on profit. They could even cost you a sale.

Other realtors just don’t know the area. When you sell a home in Rockwall, it’s different than listing a home in McKinney, Plano, Garland or anywhere else in the Dallas area. They might be close geographically, but the residents are unique.

Listing agents all receive about the same percentage. That means you’ll have to pay a bad realtor who does little for you as much as you’ll pay someone who works hard to sell a home in Rockwall for everything it’s worth.

You need someone who will put the sale of your home at the very top of his or her list. You may be one of several listings, but you should feel like you’re first priority every step of the way.

What to Look For in a Rockwall Realtor

A good realtor is an advisor, a salesperson, a negotiator, an expert marketer, and sometimes your emotional support. Look for these qualities when you’re getting ready to sell a home in Rockwall.

  • Professional, timely communication – Your realtor should return your phone calls and email within a reasonable time frame. He or she should be able to answer your real-estate related questions with patience and clarity. If you feel like you’re bothering someone or you have to wait days before you hear back, that’s not the realtor you want.
  • Experience selling homes like yours – Choose a realtor who has sold homes with square footage, price range and age similar to your own. He or she will have a better idea how to assign an accurate price and negotiate through any roadblocks. Cyndi Garrett lives where she sells with property on Lake Ray Hubbard and investment properties sprinkled throughout the area.
  • Community connections – The best realtors are connected to other realtors, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, title officers and more. They also know the best service people if you need to repair your current home or want to renovate when you buy a new one. Their connections make everything about your sale go more smoothly. In her 25 years as a real estate agent, Cyndi Garrett has developed an extensive network of contacts and connections.
  • Well developed problem-solving skills – When you sell a home in Rockwall, something unexpected almost always comes up. Real estate transactions are some of the most stressful life events, because they involve strong emotions and high dollar amounts. Cyndi Garrett has such a long record of success because of her unflappable ability to solve problems one day at a time.

When you talk to the realtor you’re considering, you should feel comfortable with them. If you find an experienced realtor who is passionate about real estate and eager to help you sell, you’ll have a reliable expert on your side.

Sell a Home in Rockwall Fast When You Price It Correctly

It’s up to you at what price you decide to list your home, but a good realtor can help you evaluate what it’s worth. Some people think they should start high and see what happens. They reason they can always drop the price later if no one seems interested, but they can’t do anything if they sell for too little.

It’s understandable why someone would think that way, but it almost always ends up hurting sellers in the end. The people who do look leave shaking their heads. If the seller ends up lowering their asking price later, the original lookers are already irritated and unwilling to consider it. The home’s days on the market increase and people start to wonder if the home has some glaring defect since no one is buying.

Eventually, the homeowner either starts making incremental price drops that don’t work, or drops their asking price by a considerable percentage. Buyers assume they’re desperate to sell and make low offers. Instead of getting top dollar, the homeowner walks away with less than they might have if they priced it correctly in the first place.

Here’s what we’ve seen happen when a house is priced exactly right. The first day on the market, interested buyers see it. If they’ve been looking for any length of time, they know its value, so they schedule a visit as soon as possible. It’s not unusual to have several interested parties at the same time. They know properties priced right don’t last long, so the homeowner may receive multiple offers. The house sells quickly near listing price, sometimes even over that amount.

How Much Is Your Rockwall Home Worth?

Realtors look at other homes on the market and get an average price per square foot, then apply that to your home’s square footage. That’s fine if your house is average.

According to Trulia, at the time this article is being written there are 431 homes for sale in Rockwall. The average listing price is $349,155, but not one of those homes is the same. That’s where a realtor with experience comes in.

Cyndi Garrett conducts an extensive market analysis before listing your home. Well before you list, you’ll have all the facts you need to price your home accurately.

Decide Your Listing Timeline

Some people call a realtor as soon as they start thinking about listing a home for sale in Rockwall. They want to know what to expect and how to plan. Other people have a sudden life event like a job change, and they need to list right away.

There’s usually a to-do list involved in selling a home. If you can allow yourself plenty of time to get ready, you’ll feel less stress and pressure. However, if you need to get ready fast, Cyndi Garrett can help you there too.

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Start by making the necessary repairs. That doesn’t mean you need to completely remodel, but do fix common-sense items that could scare interested buyers. If your air conditioner makes a funny noise or your dog cracked your large picture window, call a repairman before you list. If you’re not sure whether you need to make a repair or not, ask your realtor. Then start making your home as inviting as possible to the people who are sure to be stopping by soon.


Walk through every room and remove anything that isn’t necessary. Nick-nacks, paperweights, stacks of paper and piles of clean laundry all have to go. If you have visible cords or charging cables, find a way to stow them out of sight.

Either box things up and put them in storage, have a garage sale or drive them to a charity dropoff spot. Try to remove some of your furniture as well. If you take out unnecessary end tables or bookshelves, your space will look bigger.

Deep Clean

After you’ve made more room, it’s time to clean every corner. Floors, furniture surfaces, kitchen countertops, corners and windows should all be sparkling clean. If you don’t have time, it may help to hire a service and let them do it for you. Don’t forget to wipe down light switches and clean ceiling fan blades.


Box up family photos and put them away for now. Their presence makes it harder for buyers to see themselves living in your home. It’s also a good idea to store items related to your hobbies and interests. Buyers might not feel the same way you do about your favorite sports team or the university from which you graduated.

Daily To-Do List

Buyers resoundingly say when they sell a home in Rockwall, the hardest part is when their home is on the market. Make a daily to-do list and share tasks between family members. It’s exhausting to keep your home perfect every day, but sharing the work makes things a little easier.

It also helps to have spaces to stash items out of sight if you have to. Clear space in a cabinet where you can quickly stow the dishes you left out to dry, then put them up after that last minute showing is over. If you get a call at the last minute and you have a basket full of dirty laundry and nowhere to hide it, throw it in your trunk as you leave. Make it as easy on yourself as you can so having a house on the market doesn’t disrupt everything about your schedule.

Amp Up Curb Appeal to Sell Your Rockwall Home For More

Your home’s exterior is the leading photo in your real estate listing. It’s also the first thing people see when they drive by to check it out. Make sure it looks its best with a well-tended lawn, pristine surfaces, maybe even a freshly painted front door.

See more selling tips to sell your home in Rockwall here. 

Negotiate The Best Price

Some days it might be tough but you will survive the showing phase. Then one day you’ll have an offer. If the amount is less than you hoped, you can always negotiate. Often buyers are just testing the waters. They don’t want to pay more than they have to, and you want to get as much as possible. It may take some back and forth to meet in the middle. That’s where the advice and participation of your realtor is invaluable.

Once you and the buyer agree on terms, both sides will sign the contract. If they have a home inspection, there may be some additional negotiating. Then it’s time to wait for closing. During this time, you’ll probably be packing your belongings and getting ready to relocate.

Collect Your Money

Your realtor will be there at closing to make sure things go smoothly. Before closing you’ll receive a breakdown of funds you can expect to receive and an itemized list of expenses related to the sale, so there shouldn’t be any surprises on closing day. You’ll sign a mountain of paperwork, then walk out with your check.

Whenever you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Contact Cyndi Garrett to schedule a home evaluation today.