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Why Choose Cyndi Garrett As Your Realtor?

Why should you depend on Cyndi Garrett REALTOR® when selling your home?

100% Seller Satisfaction Guarantee

Our marketing plan, The 100% Seller Satisfaction Guarantee, developed over the past 30 years, is an aggressive plan that provides to our Sellers prompt and efficient service. We guarantee our promises in writing, and now with our 24-Hour Cancellation Guarantee, you can cancel your listing agreement at any time. It’s Like Doing Business With A Handshake

There are FIVE reasons a property sells

  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Terms
  4. Property Condition & Amenities
  5. The Agent & Company You Select

You Control Four of These!

How We Sell Your Home:

  • Listen to what YOU the seller wants.
  • Communicate with YOU on a weekly basis.
  • Maintain our dominance in advertising in the DFW and continue advertising in other local newspapers, as well as publicizing our offerings on our Web site.
  • Hold more open houses than any other real estate company in the DFW area.
  • Sales offices open seven days a week to provide information on inquiries about your home.
  • Maintain our membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the 1200 member international referral network.
  • Help you determine the market value of your home based on available market data.
  • Keep you informed about legal requirements commonly associated with residential real estate, including agency options.
  • Promote your home through our residential sales team and our affiliated companies: Commercial Sales and Leasing, Property Management.
  • Provide you information about home warranty plans.
  • Cooperate with other brokers by marketing your home through the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Maintain our presence on the World Wide Web for buyers.
  • Make suggestions to “stage” your home for showing.
  • Install a highly-visible Cyndi Garrett “For Sale” sign.
  • Develop a list of features and amenities for your home.
  • Develop a list of financing options for potential buyers of your home.
  • Offer free prequalifying to buyers of your home.
  • Promote your home through direct mail.
  • Follow up with sales people who show your home.
  • Review the marketing of your home with you, suggesting changes if needed.
  • Provide information on leasing, resale and new home builders if you are buying in the DFW area, or for any city through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, our international relocation network.
  • Provide you with a basic explanation of each offer received on your home.
  • Estimate your closing costs and net proceeds on each offer.
  • Explain and guide you through any contract or lender required repairs.
  • Help you in selecting a closing company.
  • Review your closing documents and costs.